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Mango is a popular Spanish fashion brand for women! A prestigious international company designing, manufacturing and marketing clothing and accessories: 'MANGO is about concept building'. Mango designs are created especially for elegant women between 20 and 35, who like to dress up according to the latest trends at a reasonable price. The price/quality ratio is the key to the success that the MANGO brand has undoubtedly been implementing for years. Styling a modern woman living in urban areas, corresponding to her everyday fashion needs is a mainstream trend.

This concept applies to all countries where Mango is present. Among the best fashion brands, Mango stores embody the spirit of the customers: a dynamic atmosphere resulting from the harmonisation of space. Mango gives you an advantage over other clothing brands in terms of style concept, efficient design and top quality clothing. Mango is on the list of the best clothing brands in Europe. In 1984, Mango opened its first store on Paseo de Gracia (Barcelona). A year later, the company had five stores in Barcelona and since then, with the opening of a store in Valencia, it has started to expand into the domestic market. Initially, the small band started to grow: until 1988 the company had 13 sales points in Spain. In 1992, the company took its first steps outside the domestic market by opening two stores in Portugal. The following year, the company opened its 100th store in Spain, and two years later, a business management system based on specialized and coordinated teams was successfully introduced and continues to develop. There are two stages in the history of the company.

Over the course of the initial one, from 1984 to 1995, Mango gradually gained more business knowledge and consolidated the product and store concept and implemented a 'Just in Time' philosophy in the distribution area, gaining a certain critical mass in the Spanish market.


Over the course of the second phase, since 1996 to date, they have strengthened the team's values and increased their investment in a new concept of full logistics based on speed, information and technology. At this stage, they opened larger stores and increased the pace of opening stores in other countries. Today they can be found in over 89 countries on five continents. In 2006, MANGO opened 130 stores worldwide, 12 in Spain and 118 abroad, including the US, Libya, Montenegro, Syria, South Africa and Uzbekistan. This has led to an increased presence in Asia, Eastern Europe and the US. In 2007, MANGO opened for the first time in Algeria, Belarus, Georgia and Kosovo.

It can now be found in almost all European countries and is the first Spanish brand to successfully enter the complex Italian market.  

The first mango store in Americas was opened in Mexico, in 1994. Subsequently, stores were opened in Aruba, Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Ecuador, Peru, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, El Salvador, Honduras and Panama. After entering Taiwan in 1995, MANGO / MNG established its position in the Asian market. This was followed by further openings in other countries in Asia and the Middle East, such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Korea, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Malaysia , Oman, Qatar, PR China, Singapore, Thailand, Macao and Vietnam.

New logisticsThe opening of Llicà d'Amunt, as Mango's first global distribution centre, has significantly influenced the company's growth. By coordinating production and using the latest technologies such as automation and tracking tags, Mango can continue to bring its latest style to the sales market, meeting customer demand for innovation. In the new centralised logistics centre, Mango clothing — manufactured in one of the 1,200 factories — is ready for shipment in less than four hours if required. 'This ensures that we can do everything in the same place', says Pascual. 'It is not about loading more trucks and clothes, it is about maintaining a good service'.


Faced with the competition

While the performance of Mango's new logistics centre has contributed to a gradual change, Pascual, the managing director, says there is still a lot of work to be done, and the company is working on further solutions, such as returns, that 'force us to constantly adapt our logistics of returns'. Mango's new strategy is designed to be more up-to-date and dynamic. But keeping up with Zara, the main competitor, is not easy. The company's priority is to release on average 500 new projects every seven days. Pascual, MANGO's Director, ensures that competing with Zara is not a priority for the company. 'Mango offers a great product in terms of value' — he says. Pascual stresses that the brand prefers to take the right directions every season rather than copying styles from the catwalk. 'This is the key difference to our competitors. We focus on our customers' tastes, expectations and moods — this is the key to our success over the last 35 years'. 


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