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Stradivarius is a Spanish brand that produces fashionable clothes for women. The brand was founded in 1994 in Barcelona, Spain. The brand's models are so bright and stylish that each collection was bought by young Spanish women in record time. In just four years, a large number of stores selling Stradivarius (Stradivarius) clothes had popped up around Spain, and became popular in 1998. After some time, the brand entered the international arena and today it produces not only fashionable clothes for elegant ladies, but also footwear and fashionable accessories. And you will find fashion boutiques of this company in 43 countries worldwide.

Stradivarius brand has become recognizable not only with elegant clothes. Its name comes from the world-famous violin virtuoso, Antonio Stradivari (Antonio Stradivari). This great man was not only an unparalleled musician but also a grand master of musical instruments. Fiddles made by him are nowadays appreciated all over the world for their high quality and excellent sound. The Stradivarius (Stradivarius) brand evokes such associations. Its products are made of high quality materials and bliss to eyes, just as great to listen to the music of the great Maestro Antonio Stradivari (Antonio Stradivari). In addition to the above, it is worth adding that instead of the first letter, the brand features a clef. 



Clothes manufactured by Stradivarius, apart from high quality, are also distinguished by versatility, femininity and sexuality. The age range of the brand: women and girls aged 18 to 30. In brand stores, the customer will always be able to enjoy all kinds of elegant shirts, feminine jackets, romantic dresses, original skirts, classic trousers, modern jeans. A perfect fit for everyone.

Stradivarius brand is pleased to provide its customers with all kinds of accessories, footwear, glasses, jewellery and other 'toys' for women, all must-haves for any fashionable lady. It is particularly astute that the brand produces collections for different countries, taking into account ethnic features and local preferences. Stradivarius is designed for women who like to dress fashionably, prefer to keep their original style and do not overpay for the 'tag name'. Stradivarius products are dedicated to young, creative people who always follow trends and seek out styles for different occasions.

Every day, the company’s more than 10,000 employees analyse rapidly changing market trends and design new clothes and accessories in Spain in order to provide a range that meets the needs of its customers.

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