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Please observe the Terms and Conditions from the beginning to the end

We will take care of each and every stages of your order

Let's start with contact

Write to us, call us or use the online quote


The most important thing is that we identify your needs well, because only then will we be able to help you responsibly


We will talk in detail about your company, about you, your needs and what is most important — how we can help you make the most profit! We will also present an offer and send you a presentation with pictures of the products together with a price quote. You will be pleasantly surprised!

Let's get to know each other better

Visit us in person or take the virtual tour


We do not want you to feel that you are buying a pig in a poke, so we invite you to choose the brands and products yourself 


The whole assortment we have in stock is always available in stock, so we invite you to visit us personally. If for some reason this is not possible, let's make an appointment for a video conference where your private tutor will give you a virtual tour of the warehouse and make you a detailed offer.

Let's specify order details and delivery time

Congratulations! You are on your way to success


At this point we would like to congratulate you and thank you for being able to be a part of your success


All that remains is to determine the amount of products you want to order and to clarify the frequency of orders. From the very beginning, we have been focusing on long-term cooperation, so we make sure that the offered products are always of the highest quality, and thus that the first order does not turn out to be the last!

Transport and logistics — leave it to us!

Your order is in progress


Is everything in order? Of course IT IS!


We will take care of all logistics and customs services. We have been cooperating with leaders in the transport and logistics industry for years, so your order will be delivered quickly and safely to your chosen address. We will take care of all the formalities and procedures for you with attention to detail.

Everything went well

The prognoses were accurate; or maybe even better?


According to our arrangements — we guarantee success! Whether you run a brick and mortar store, a clothing wholesale or online sales, etc. The highest quality at the best prices — this is a proven recipe! We congratulate you and thank you for your trust!


Remember that we are always at your service and are there to help you. Hope to see you soon.

It is up to you now — are you ready for more?

Hard facts, figures and concrete results

Check and evaluate our results yourself


Starting date of business operations

2 500 000

Available items in stock


Countries served


The best clothing brands on offer

Highest quality

We are one of the very few to have introduced a product quality control system

Quality control

We will provide your company with top quality clothing from renowned brands

A wide range of products tailored to your needs

44 world-renowned clothing brands constantly on offer
-95% of the retail price
66 countries served, all logistics covered
2 500 000 pcs available in stock
100% satisfaction with our cooperation
15,000 m2 of storage space filled
Let's meet and talk

We are at your service. Visit us in person

You are always welcome! We will be happy to talk about your company's needs and you can view and select from 2 000 000 items in stock from brands and collections that suit you!

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