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Benefits for your Business from participating in the project!

  About the project

Benefits for Your Business from participating in the "Less Waste More Fashion" project:


1. Preferential commercial conditions: Priority access to new products. Opportunity to purchase seasonal and exclusive collections.

2. Continuity of supply: Minimising the risk of stock shortages.

3. Increased Competitiveness: Gaining a competitive advantage. Customers increasingly appreciate companies that actively work towards sustainable production and waste minimisation.

4. Increasing Customer Loyalty: Offering eco-friendly products and promoting the idea of "less rubbish, more fashion" will attract customers looking for more sustainable solutions. You will gain loyal customers who appreciate your commitment to sustainability.

5. Collaboration with Green Brands: As part of the project, we are collaborating with reputable brands that are committed to ecology and sustainable production. This is an opportunity to partner with companies that are known for their commitment to quality and the environment.

6. Customer Education Support: We provide educational materials to help you make your customers aware of the benefits of buying green products, which may encourage more purchases.

7. Promotion in Social Media: Our project is widely promoted on social media, which means free advertising for your outlet store or wholesaler.

8. Technical Support: We provide technical and consulting support to implement sustainable practices in your business.

9. Full Equipment of stores under the project banner: As part of your participation in the "Less Waste More Fashion" project, we provide everything, including store interior design, logo, and full equipment


We invite you to join us and together let's create the future of fashion with more care for the planet.


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Starting date of business operations

2 500 000

Available items in stock


Countries served


The best clothing brands on offer

We serve 66 countries, and take care of all the formalities

We are there where your business is growing

16 years
of experience
2 500 000
pcs in stock
15 000m2
of storage

We will provide your company with top quality clothing from renowned brands

A wide range of products tailored to your needs

44 world-renowned clothing brands constantly on offer
-95% of the retail price
66 countries served, all logistics covered
2 500 000 pcs available in stock
100% satisfaction with our cooperation
15,000 m2 of storage space filled
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