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Massimo Dutti is an exclusive Spanish clothing brand. Although the name is Italian, the brand is completely Spanish. This is a trademark owned by the Inditex Group.  The brand is growing rapidly with roots in almost every corner of the globe. They are present in 73 countries with 885 stores worldwide. A part of the large INDITEX group of companies, Massimo Dutti is called the crown jewel, next to such brands like ZARA, Bershka, Stradivarius, Pull&Bear. The creators of the brand managed to soften raw cuts, without going into too many details.

Like the women's and men's lines, the Massimo Dutti brand makes children's outfits from expensive, high-quality materials — most often soft cashmere, flax and genuine leather. Such clothes have a universal style to last many years. Adding some original accessories.



The first store was established in 1985. Initially a menswear brand only. It was later differentiated into different categories. In 1991, Inditex bought a 65% stake to acquire the company. Then they bought all the shares to complete the transaction. The women's range was added in 1992, while children's clothing started to be introduced in 2003. Massimo Dutti combines basic and contemporary styles, made from the latest generation of fabrics, but always practical, pleasant and of high quality. Discreet textures, 100% natural fabrics and innovative blends that give an impeccable image with maximum comfort.

Since 2006 Massimo Dutti has fully designed and retailed the following lines: Women's: womenswear, accessories, menswear, accessories, perfumes. Massimo Dutti's offices are located in Barcelona, Spain, as opposed to Inditex based in Arteixo, Galicia, Spain. Massimo Dutti fragrances are sold by Puig. In a 2012 statement, Pablo Isla Alvarez de Tejera, current President and CEO, said that Massimo Dutti had adopted a more mature format and reached $1.3 billion in sales for the year, adding that it was the most profitable Inditex line of business the year before, with a 24% increase compared to its sister company Zara's 19%. According to a report by the Press Trust of India of 27 September 2013, the Indian Government, in 2012, rejected Zara Holding BV's request from Inditex to sell its exclusive brand in cooperation with the retail department of Indian giant Tata Group, Trent Ltd, but approved Massimo Dutti's clothing, footwear and other products line in 2013! (An example showing how Dutti is more readily accepted than Zara).

Massimo Dutti, although a sister company of Zara, enjoyed a more top drawer appeal, with class and top quality at an affordable price. Not forgetting to be a trend leader at the same time.




It was a mystery to many fashion experts why Massimo Dutti had not come to the US before. Although Zara felt its presence on the US soil as early as in 1989, and although it is very popular in Europe, Massimo Dutti, with such a long history of 29 years, avoided the New World market until 2012 when its first showroom opened on 12 October 2012 at Fifth Avenue in New York. It pushed the older Zara out of this location and then opened a second one in George Town in Washington DC. As for this late arrival in the US, some fashion lovers have declared that Zara is afraid of The GAP Inc, an American multi-million dollar fashion brand, and have not dared to introduce Massimo Dutti to the US fashion market, which, according to experts, is too crowded and more demanding.

Whatever the reason for the delay, until 2014, Dutti has established its position in the US market over a thin line between fashionable and everyday wear. But Dutti buyers have mixed feelings, especially women. Some people think that the designs are great and the point-of-sale service is nice; others, on the contrary, say that although the designs are great and the price range is affordable, the service is not so good and they do not want to shop there any more.


In the case of Massimo Dutti, the story is told very elegantly, with great design, amazing product photos and a sense of exclusivity that puts the brand in the luxury league. This shows that brand perception and storytelling can really elevate a company to the top of its game!

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